Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries

Laurel Bed Lake

Laurel Bed is a Department-owned lake located in Russell County on the Clinch Mountain Wildlife Management Area. This 330-acre lake rests on the top of Clinch Mountain at 3600 feet of elevation. It is surrounded by second growth hemlock and mixed hardwoods, and provides a spectacular setting with scenery rivaling that found at an Adirondack or Canadian natural lake. Liming projects have improved the lake's pH to suitable levels, and have allowed the restoration of a brook trout fishery. Although considerable effort was expended to remove rock bass from the lake in 1996, rock bass have returned to the lake. Smallmouth bass fingerlings have been stocked to control rock bass abundance. If smallmouth can keep the rock bass population at a manageable level, both populations could enhance and diversify fishing opportunities in the future.

Laurel Bed Lake is closed to fishing for the five days prior to the first Saturday in April. The access road leading to the lake is often gated during the winter months due to hazardous conditions; so call the VDGIF, Marion Regional Office at (276) 783-4860, or the Clinch Mountain Wildlife Management Area Office at (276) 944-3434 prior to making a trip during the winter.

Natural Brook Trout

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